Placement at SFS-SM

The placement program at SFS-SM is focused on providing candidates with the most suitable jobs from leading employers. At the same time, we uphold our position amongst the best MBA colleges in Bangalore by ensuring that the recruiters get the best talent that adds significant value to their organization.

How do we ensure maximum placements?
To ensure high placements, we train our students to build knowledge, skills and attitude that are required for the industry. Concurrently we form connections with leading companies to provide the best opportunities for them. This venture is undertaken by our specialized training and placement cell, which consists of competent business professionals and academic experts.

Here is how our training and placement cell ensure the best career avenues for our students and prepare them to reap the best job opportunities-

Networking and trust
With our impeccable impression, trustworthiness and extensive networking throughout the year; we bring placement opportunities to our students from top companies in India and abroad.

Dual specialization MBA
To further increase job opportunities for our students, we offer Dual Specialization MBA courses. This unique course type allows students to pursue 2 different streams of MBA at the same time, completing both within 2 years. Students can choose the courses as per their interest and foreseen opportunities, hence getting the best of both MBA degrees in terms of education and job opportunities.

Comprehensive and Updated Curriculum We maintain a well-structured syllabus according to the latest industry requirements, that is taught by teachers with vast experience and effective teaching skills. This is followed by internships and special training to raise employability. Here are the key elements of our syllabus-

• The First and Second semesters deal with theory and core subjects.
• The Third and Fourth semesters contain subjects related to the specialization chosen by the student.
• Summer internships, industry internship, corporate mentorship and other training programs are also organized to boost practical experience and employability, as discussed further.

Internships and Mentorship programs
The curriculum at SFS-SM also includes programs where the students get to work in the industry and gain practical knowledge and skills. This makes them industry-ready and also provides greater employment opportunities. Here are the key programs that form a bridge between classroom tutoring and professional practice-

• All 4 semesters include visits to industries, short summer internships and team assignments to reinforce practical skills.
• The Fourth semester includes a long industry internship program which enhances the knowledge, awareness and skills of the students by letting them apply their learning to real world problems.
• After the classroom training and internship is complete, a corporate mentorship program is initiated wherein the students get to work under the guidance of leading management professionals in prestigious companies. This helps them to form professional networks and gain practical abilities.
A pre-placement job offer is often made during this program.

Placement preparation and Training
Lastly, the preparation for the placements at SFS-SM begin. Multiple career guidance and training programs are conducted by experienced HR professionals during this phase. These include-

• Soft Skill Training
• Mock Interviews
• Group Discussions
• Communication Skills Workshop
• Entrepreneurship Development Program
• Foreign Language Course
• Pre-placement Talks
• Interviewing Techniques
• Case Studies
• Job Application Preparation
• Resume Writing
• Workshops
• Dressing Sense
• Personal Effectiveness
• Seminars
• Industry interactions
• Professional Portfolio Development

Campus recruitment
The training and placement cell then invites the leading companies from across the world to take part in the recruitment process. Our trained MBA candidates go on to ace the placement process of even the biggest MNCs.

In this manner, the practical experience gained during the internships and Industrial mentorship programs come together with our comprehensive classroom training to create industry-ready professionals. Our MBA candidates avail the superior job opportunities that we provide, leading to high placements.

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