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World Autism Awareness Day: 12 April 2022 - Department of Psychology, Postgraduate Centre

To commemorate World Autism Awareness Day, Department of Psychology, Postgraduate Centre conducted an awareness session on Autism for the postgraduate students of the department on 12th April 2022. International Day of Autism is celebrated worldwide on 2 April every year to spread awareness and reduce stigma towards people diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). The activity began with a discussion on Autism to understand the already imparted knowledge among the student group regarding the concept. A quiz on AUTISM was prepared on Google forms and was shared among the students as an icebreaker of the session. After the quiz, Prof. Dakshina enquired on how well the students could work with it and most of the students explained that they had only partly sufficient knowledge as far as the topic is concerned, which was the motive of the activity conducted.

Prof. Dakshina took over a very detailed session making use of a PowerPoint presentation which included introductory explanation about autism and its characteristics. This was followed by a discussion where students were asked about the symptoms of Autism to be noticed. The speaker then went on to speak about the symptomatology in detail which was followed by the treatment methods in Autism. Prof. Dakshina also spoke about the various screening and diagnostic tools available for screening autism. The students were observed to be keenly listening and actively involving in discussions throughout. The session ended with a video portraying the concept of Autism through animation.

The session was conducted with the aim of imparting knowledge and awareness among students about Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders. People all over the world still holds a lot of stigmas towards people who are differentially abled. The session was an eye opener for the newly joined postgraduate students to understand more about ASD. s

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