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Date of Event(s) 30-05-2024 TO 31-05-2024
Department/Association/Cell/Committee NCC
Venue(Mention the platform if it is online) ST FRANCIS DE SALES COLLEGE, HEBBAGODI
Number of Participants 80
Target Audience 200
Resource Person(s) with qualification(if applicable) UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF ASSOCIATE NCC OFFICER CAPT. SAMPATH KUMAR R
Place of visit/ details of Industrial Visit place (if applicable): ST FRANCIS DE SALES COLLEGE, HEBBAGODI
Event Coordinator CAPT. SAMPATH KUMAR R

On 30th and 31st of May 2024 cadets from SFS degree college belonging to 1/1 COY ARMY WING of 1 KAR BN NCC witnessed a momentous occasion with an arrival of the NAAC (National assessment and Accreditation Council) team for its inspection visit.

The NAAC team was greeted at the college gates by a contingent of NCC Cadets with a band display. The stirring sounds of the college band further enhanced the atmosphere, creating a truly spirited welcome. As a display of respect and gratitude, our cadets presented a Guard of Honor, leaving a lasting impression on the visiting dignitaries.

Following the warm welcome, the NAAC team embarked on a comprehensive inspection of the entire college. This included visits to all academic departments, hostels, canteens, laboratories, classrooms, and our NCC office. The team meticulously evaluated the infrastructure, learning environment, and overall functioning of each department.

The afternoon saw a vibrant exhibition showcasing the achievements and best practices of various departments. our college cadets too played a part, displaying their skills and dedication through an exhibition at their dedicated NCC office. Additionally, a designated flag area served as a symbol of their commitment and patriotism.

Our CO, Col MR Suresh, visited us on the inspection day, motivating us with his presence. His guidance and support have been instrumental in our growth and development.

The cultural program was a notable event of the inspection, NCC cadets, along with members of the college cultural committee, enthralled the audience with their performances. This vibrant display of talent served as a fitting finale to a productive day and a glimpse into the college's rich cultural tapestry.

On the second day of the inspection, May 31, the focus was on document verification, where the inspection team meticulously reviewed the documents of various departments, ensuring compliance with NAAC norms.

The inspection was a resounding success, with our college showcasing its academic excellence and infrastructure. The NCC cadets' impressive display and active participation were particularly notable.

we would like to thank our CO Col M R Suresh, AO Lt. Col Ravindra Singh, SM Rohith, Principal Rev Fr Binu, Vice Principal Rev Fr Jijo Jose and our ANO Capt. Sampath Kumar R for providing their constant guidance and support.

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