HR Specialisation

Human Resources is the foundation of any organization as they are responsible for the overall collaborative management of efficient personnel which contributes to meeting the goals and objectives of the organization. They are responsible for recruiting, administering and retaining the best employees in a company. Choosing the ‘perfect employee’ is an understatement in today’s world, and this requires effective interpersonal and social skills – where the HR team plays a crucial role is making this happen!


  1. Dealing with people can be cumbersome and tedious, nevertheless, the satisfaction and gratification received at the end can make the work all worth it.

  2. Play a pivotal role and holds a highly influential impact in the empowerment and development of an organization.

  3. Meet new people every day and span out one’s social networking circle

  4. This is a challenging role which can be something exciting and interesting to look forward to always and may require good analytical and strategical thinking skills.

  5. Potential to earn high salary packages with more experience

  6. Help other people make right career decisions and guide them along the right path.


  • HR RECRUITER – Responsible for hiring the most suitable employees for an organization and retaining them after proper discretion and scrutiny. They should be diligent in choosing the right candidates for each job position within a company and this leads to the overall productivity of the organization. Strong decision making and interpersonal skills are required for this profile. Pay scale normally varies from 6LPA to 13LPA.

  • EMPLOYEE RELATIONS MANAGER – Responsible for maintaining strong and healthy employer – employee relationships. This includes overseeing all communication flow within an organization, the resource planning and handling conflict resolutions. Excellent analytical, communication and negotiation skills are essential to handle this field of work. The pay scale can range from 7LPA to 16LPA.

  • HR MANAGER – HR Managers are responsible for planning and coordinating the hiring and recruiting new employees, discussing a streamlined strategic workforce planning with higher executives and also ensuring a good rapport between the management and the employees. This can be challenging role as it involves deadlines and pressures, but the nature of the work can make it all worth it. Assertive communication, decision making and leadership skills are important in this role. HR Managers can expect salary pays from 8LPA to 18LPA.

  • HR CONSULTANT – Human Resource consultants are pivotal for any organization as they are responsible to set up proper human resource management plans and understand the business practices and labor laws. They also provide internal consulting by analyzing the present HR team and practices and recommends better solutions for better efficiency. Good analytical, problem solving, decision making and interpersonal skills are important to master in this job profile. The pay scale normally varies from 6LPA to 15LPA.

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