SFS-SM Corporate Mentorship

SFS-SM Corporate Mentorship program aims at enhancing the leadership and teamwork qualities of the students to prepare them for the business world. Through this program, SFS-SM offers the best pool of talented and groomed MBA candidates to the corporate industry. The corporates can interact with and utilize the budding MBA professionals, while the candidates get valuable hands-on experience and practical knowledge through the process.

Protocol of SFS-SM Corporate Mentorship Program
The SFS-SM Corporate Mentorship program is designed and updated by eminent academicians, keeping in view the market demand. It is then carried out annually throughout the final year of MBA in five phases:

• In the first phase, training is given to the students by highly qualified professors and intellectuals. This phase is aimed at skill development and insight. During this phase, the MBA students are briefed about their future challenges in the corporate world and methods to combat them.
• In the second phase, industrial tours are arranged for the students to get a first-hand experience of the working environment of the corporate industry.
• In the third phase, workshops are arranged for the MBA students on-campus, where leading industry experts are invited to share their knowledge and ideas.
• In the fourth phase, mock interview sessions are arranged for all the students to enhance their confidence and communication skills. This prepares them for the SFS-SM placement
• In the last phase of the MBA mentorship program, campus drives are opened and executives from multiple corporate industries are invited to begin the placement of MBA students.

Benefits of SFS-SM Corporate Mentorship Program to the Students
• It is an exploration drive by the students where at first they discover their flaws and then methods to overcome them.
• It enlarges the horizon of students regarding professional life by giving them detailed knowledge and experience of the industry.
• It introduces the corporate culture and networking to students.
• It helps the students to explore career opportunities and plan their future endeavors.
• It provides a foundation for the annual placements at SFS-SM.
• It also helps the students to learn and apply both leadership and team work skills.

SFS-SM lives up to it’s reputation as one of the best business schools in Bangalore by partnering with the leading industry professionals for mentorship of students every year.

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