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EKAIVYA- The traditional welcoming for the first-year students. The main aim of the inaugural ceremony is to give an affectionate welcome to new students and to allow them to get comfortable in the college surroundings.

‘A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’ - Ekaivya was organized on 5 August 2023 in the new auditorium of SFS Degree College. The batch 2023-2024 comprising of over 700 students were extremely excited to be with new friends, thrilled to continue their education and pursue under graduation was explicit in the large number gathered on the day of EKAIVYA.

The dignitaries of the event were Rev.Fr.Binu, Principal of St. Francis de Sales College, Rev.Fr.Jijo Jose Manjakal, Vice Principal and Rev. Fr. Robin, Financial Administrator of SFS college. Rev. Dr Binu, addressed the newcomers and inspired them through his talk. He entertained the students with many motivational activities and conveyed the message of leadership building, adaptability to environment, time management in students etc…Various aspects about skill development and its paramount necessity in students was the focus of his address. Rev.Fr. Jijo Jose Manjakal, Vice Principal of SFS degree college shared his thoughts about MSFS and the Desalite Legacy. Rev. Fr. Robin, Financial Administrator of SFS college, spoke on this occasion. With his allusions, he conveyed to students the importance of discipline and determination. Citing examples from his life experiences, he said that hard work is the only key to success.

Prof. Annie Christella, UG Academic Coordinator, welcomed the students to the SFS family and expressed her joy to students for having chosen the right institution which is known for quality and holistic education. She also introduced her esteemed team of faculty, both teaching and non- teaching to the students. Dr. Kanchana, PG Academic Coordinator whole heartedly wished the students luck and happy stay at SFS during their UG course. The staff members like Mrs. Vimala, Head of the Academic Office, Mrs. Sandra, Head of the Administrative office, Mrs. Deena Dayalini, Chief Librarian, Mrs. Sonia Baby, Public Relations Officer, Mr. Sibi, Supervisor of the Ministerial staff were introduced. The EKAIVYA 2023- 2024 came to a close by proposing the vote of thanks. The students were happy on the first day of inaugural ceremony and got to know more details about the institution.

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