Internal Assessment

The performances of both First-Internal and Model Exams are considered for calculating Internal Assessment Marks (IA Marks) which comprises of 30 marks out of the total of 100 marks of the Bangalore University Exam. The IA marks are given on a slab rate basis for different parameters such as: Assignment, 1st Internal Exam, Model Exam, Seminar and Attendance.
After taking admission, during the Bridge Course itself, the teachers who take various classes for the students sets expectations regarding the grant of IA Marks. The different parameters are explained to them, its impact on their total score and the seriousness with which it should be taken.

Towards the end of the semester, immediately after the Model Exam marks are tabulated, the IA Marks of each class is carefully prepared. The students are also consulted to find out errors of omission or commission. Thereafter, it is submitted to the HOD for his/her scrutiny and then it is submitted to the Academic office. The latter displays the same on the main Notice Board of the college before the commencement of the University exams.

Students are free to enquire from teachers about any discrepancy in the marks awarded to them. Faculty members are expected to explain the reasons for giving the said marks. If students are not satisfied with the answer, they can take up this matter with the HOD and/or Principal.

  • The Institution informs the students and parents about the schedule of the Internal and External examinations at the beginning of the academic year.
  • The examination and assessments are carried out in accordance with the academic timetable. The answer scripts of internal assessments are shown to the students.
  • Availability of previous years’ external and internal question papers in the library for the students
  • The internal papers are evaluated within a week of the day of the exam and the marks are communicated to the students in the classroom. Furthermore, the marks and the performance of the students are conveyed to the parents in the parents-teachers meet and also via messages and emails.
  • Online MCQ tests are also conducted as a method of internal assessment, and the results are declared to understand the learning level of students.


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