We at SFS College believe in the adoption of student-centric methods to enhance student involvement as a part of participative learning and problem-solving methodology.

We follow namely teaching-learning process techniques such as collaborative learning, cooperative learning, participative learning role-plays, discussions, debates, laboratory experimental learning, mini-projects, field visits and case studies.

Roleplay helps our students to learn and try out the experience in a play style. Subjects such as English are well explained to the students by adopting role plays.

We do follow the discussions in many of the subjects as it makes the students think wide and participate in coming up with the opinions and suggestions to check their current knowledge. We practice discussions basically in soft skills, managerial communications, business adoptions, etc..

Debates are followed in many of the subjects where students are required to come with different opinions, thought processes thus the learning process gets justified in the argumental way of learning.

Laboratory experiential learning:
Technical education is always justified with the help of practical knowledge. Thus we try to expose our students to all the laboratories possible beginning from the first year labs like Physics, Chemistry, Maths for science students, Computer and Electronics for BCA and BSc students, Psychology lab for humanities group, and Business laboratories for Management students, Language lab in common for all students and Media Lab for journalism students.

From the second year, students related to the core department are given an exposure to pure coding languages to depth based on the potential of the student so that the student can learn it by experience.

Mini projects:
To enhance the practical knowledge with innovation, we do encourage our students to make some Mini projects from II year onwards. Students are divided into small groups so that personal attention can be paid and every student’s role will become prominent.

Case studies:
We are following case studies mainly for the circuit branches where the students are expected to have practical knowledge & logical thinking based on real experiences. Subjects such as Professional Ethics & Moral Values, Sales Forecast, and a few more are once theoretically explained as per the university syllabus, we take the advantage of our management studies faculty members to extend the practical knowledge by providing the real-time case studies. The College is committed to

ensuring the holistic development of the students through a student-centric learning process and suitable curriculum design. The departments adopt the following strategies in varying degrees to make learning more students-centric and ensure the holistic development of the students:

The college offers the following support services to its teachers for making the learning student- centric:

  • Full-fledged library
  • Digital library
  • Labs like Computer lab, Commerce Lab, Business lab, Language lab, Psychology and Electronics lab,
  • Media lab,
  • Radio room
  • Encouragement to the students to attend departmental, state, national and international seminars, conferences, and workshops.
  • Student and Career counselling and placement services.
  • Projects and assignments to upgrade the student’s knowledge level and skillsets
  • Guest lectures, industrial visits, and study tours

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