News & Events

Date of Event(s) 20-04-2024
Department/Association/Cell/Committee NCC
Venue(Mention the platform if it is online) AMBEDKAR BHAVAN, MILLER ROAD, VASANT NAGAR
Number of Participants 15
Target Audience 200
Resource Person(s) with qualification(if applicable) UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF ASSOCIATE NCC OFFICER CAPT. SAMPATH KUMAR R
Place of visit/ details of Industrial Visit place (if applicable): AMBEDKAR BHAVAN, MILLER ROAD, VASANT NAGAR
Event Coordinator CAPT. SAMPATH KUMAR R

On 20th April 2024, 15 cadets from SFS college attended an informative session at Dr. Ambedkar Bhavan. The session, conducted by the Election Commission, aimed to equip the cadets with the necessary knowledge and skills to fulfill their responsibilities effectively during the upcoming elections.

During the session, the cadets were instructed on various aspects of election duty management. They were taught how to install and use the election duty app, which would be crucial for reporting real-time data from the polling booths. Additionally, they received training on managing the queue system, parking allotment, and other essential duties related to the election process.

As volunteers for the upcoming election duty, the cadets actively participated in the session and demonstrated a keen interest in learning. They engaged with the training material provided by the Election Commission, showing a deep sense of responsibility towards their role in ensuring a smooth and fair electoral process.

The pre-election awareness session at Dr. Ambedkar Bhavan was instrumental in preparing the NCC cadets from SFS college for their election duty. The knowledge and skills acquired during this session will undoubtedly contribute to their effectiveness and efficiency during the actual duty. We are confident that the cadets will uphold the values of the NCC and serve with dedication and integrity. We extend our sincere thanks to the Election Commission for organizing the informative session and providing valuable training to our cadets. We also commend the cadets for their enthusiastic participation and commitment to their duties.

We would like to thank our CO Col. M R Suresh, AO Lt. Col. Ravindra Singh, SM Rohit, Principal Rev Fr Binu, Vice Principal Rev Fr Jijo Jose and our ANO Capt. Sampath Kumar R for providing their constant guidance and support.

SFS College