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We are thrilled to share highlights from our recent "INFINITY GUEST LECTURE - 2K24" series, aimed at enriching the business acumen of our Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) students.The lecture series featured esteemed speakers from renowned universities, providing valuable insights into various aspects of business management.

Session 1:
Date: 4th April 2024
Resource Person: Dr. Muthu Gopal Krishna, Christ Deemed to be University
Audience: Second and Final Year BBA Students

Dr. Muthu Gopal Krishna delivered an insightful lecture focusing on contemporary trends and challenges in business management. Through real-world examples and interactive discussions, Dr. Krishna emphasized the importance of adaptability and innovation in today's dynamic business environment. Topics covered included strategic management, marketing strategies, and leveraging technology for business transformation. The session sparked engaging conversations and left a lasting impact on the participants.

Session 2:
Date: 6th April 2024
Resource Person: Dr. T. Shenbagavalli, Jain University
Audience: First Year BBA Students

Dr. T. Shenbagavalli's session centered on enhancing communication and interpersonal skills in the business sphere. With practical tips and interactive exercises, Dr. Shenbagavalli highlighted the significance of effective communication for building successful business relationships. Topics covered included business etiquette, negotiation skills, and cross-cultural communication. The session fostered active participation and provided valuable insights for our budding business professionals.

Overall, the "INFINITY GUEST LECTURE - 2K24" series was a resounding success, providing our BBA students with a platform to learn from experts and enrich their understanding of contemporary business practices. We extend our gratitude to Dr. Muthu Gopal Krishna and Dr. T. Shenbagavalli for their valuable contributions and look forward to more such enriching experiences for our students in the future.

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