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On 30th September, 2023 NCC cadets of SFS degree college belonging to 1/1 COY ARMY WING conducted the pipping ceremony under the distinguished leadership of our ANO Captain Sampath Kumar R, the pipping ceremony was graced by the presence of our Principal – Rev. Dr. Binu and CHM Sanjay Singh, NCO of our battalion.

The event encompassed an array of activities to honour NCC cadets, including the conferment of ranks and distribution of certificates for various camps attended. The ceremony commenced with a formal address by our ANO, highlighting the significance of the occasion and acknowledging the dedication of NCC cadets. The principal of the college, along with PI staff, played a pivotal role in recognizing the achievements of the cadets, underscoring the importance of leadership and discipline instilled through NCC training.

Cadets were adorned with their well-deserved ranks, a symbol of their commitment and hard work within the NCC unit. The pipping ceremony was a solemn yet proud moment, symbolizing the responsibilities entrusted to the cadets as they ascended in their roles. An integral part of the event was the distribution of certificates to cadets who had actively participated in various camps. This not only acknowledged their participation but also served as a testament to their skills and accomplishments during these camps. A notable feature of the ceremony was the rank ceremony for Rovers and Rangers, recognizing their service and dedication beyond the regular NCC training. This segment celebrated their commitment to community service and leadership. The event concluded on a festive note with refreshments, providing a platform for camaraderie and informal interactions.

This post-ceremony gathering allowed cadets, ANO, PI staff, and the principal to engage in a more relaxed setting, fostering a sense of unity and shared accomplishment. In summary, the NCC pipping ceremony and certificate distribution event were conducted with utmost precision and pride. The acknowledgment of ranks, certificates, the multifaceted achievements of our NCC cadets. The provision of refreshments added a convivial touch, creating lasting memories of a day dedicated to honouring and celebrating the excellence within our NCC unit.

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